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"Most Embarrassing Moment Poem"
By Lisa Wilson

Red-faced I stood in teenage horror
Locked in the embrace
of a friend who would one day be much more

I was thankful he could not see my face
His eyes could not meet mine
My hole-in-one long forgotten

The braces meant to correct my smile
now hopelessly bound us together
as the silver band around my tooth tangled in his fabric

What started with congratulations
became a neverending embrace
and I prayed that this might be only a dream

I struggled to free myself from the tangle of his shirt
Ignoring him while he questioned my actions
I asked him "Please don't move."
I could feel other teenage eyes
and whispers of our apparent groping,
about how grotesque horny teens could be, the brutal truth unknown

Finally I freed myself, blushing just the same
hoping not to see my picture in a headline
of a hilarious high school paper.

Smoothing the fabric of his shirt
Grateful there was no hole
I finally met his eyes again, and chuckled all the more

Soon we were both laughing
Oblivious to the stares
We had our share of fun in spite of the onlookers

Our first tangle on the road to love.