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Brutal Dreamer Interviewed by John Edward Lawson: Chicken Soup for the Soulless

jl: How would you describe your writing?

bd: Well, I am "Brutal Dreamer" am I not? I am like Frank Baum meets Clive Barker. Brutal Dreamer is like taking little Dorothy and Toto and having them journey to the Netherworld to meet the great and powerful Pinhead. I've been told I write stories that a good Acid trip would compare to. I think that is a compliment! I wouldn't know, do you?

jl: Where can readers find your work?

bd: Mostly on the W.W.W. but also in print. My complete bibliography can be found at my Website, Author's Den & at The Eternal Night Zine:

e-mail brutal dreamer:

jl: What are some of your upcoming projects?

bd: I am in the process of starting and finishing various Anthology projects. I have started a novella Let's Scare Gramma Outta Her Skin and a few poems and short stories on the side. I am still working on Brutal Dreams and Screams: In Dreams No One Can Hear You Scream filled with both new and old collective works of horror of mine.

jl: What's the deal with Charlie Brown? It looks like he's only got a couple hairs on his head!

bd: I think Charlie "Chuck" Brown is the sweetest and most misunderstood Blockhead. He probably went bald early in life due to losing so many baseball games to the bombshell, Peppermint Patty! Losing to a girl can't be too easy; especially losing to a D-Minus Hall of Fame Legend!

jl: Who would play you in the movie about your life? How would Tom Savini be involved?

bd: Either the--Animated Actress: Daria (or) Live Actress Geena Davis.

Tom Savini would re-animate his role "Sex Machine" the biker From Dusk Till Dawn--he'd play the part of God condemning me to listen to Julio Iglesias for all eternity for my sacrilege. At the end of the flick, we'd finish the scene by tossing back a brew while he showed me how he shoots off that gun of his!...gasps

Pssst--I am very curious--is Tom Savini Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon? I swear Michael is looking more like one of his freak-show monsters each time I see him. Is that the handy-work of Savini? Be honest, you can tell me--I won't tell anyone!

jl: Frankenstein or Dracula?

bd: Dracula--always love anyone that has a sexy accent and nibbles on me. Plus, I think Tom Savini and I could re-make a better Count Vlad and Mina, don't you?

jl: If you were free to do anything your heart desired what would it be?

bd: Should I be noble and say: Cure disease and death? Should I be selfish and say: I'd want wealth and beauty? Should I invent a Tootsie Pop making machine, and have a lifetime supply of Grape Tootsie Pops? Should I Astral Travel and experience EVERYTHING--difference times, places, watch history unfold before my eyes, and journey through space! And invent a different slogan--"in dreams…no one can hear you scream!"

If I could do anything that my heart desired--I'd be a wealthy writer to pay "hubby" back for all the years he's taken care of me, tolerated my writing sideline, and be his junky supporter by means of buying him all the video games his heart desired!

jl: Who has had the greatest influence over your work?

bd: I wish I could say Stephen King--but, I can't hold a candlestick in fiery Hell to his work. I won't insult the poor man. I would also say, Roald Dahl or Frank Baum--but again, I can't compare to their work. I can't say anyone actually has a great influence over my work--but, I tend to keep my demented work in a mixed flavor of Dahl, Baum and King. (Just picture Carrie as Dorothy in the Wonka Factory)

jl: Where do you see yourself going as a writer/editor?

bd: I wish I could say, "The Best Seller" or "Million Seller" list! But...sighs...with my luck it will probably to some Versifier Hell. I'll be there with all the "wannabe's" that are whining and crying and lamenting about not doing what they should of done in life; instead of writing and losing everything they had due to it. Each word they mutter will be like having a vaporous swipe of brimstone hitting my overcooked flesh.

jl: Let's say I fill this interview up with a bunch of lies and sell it to a popular magazine. What would happen to me?

bd: If you made a million dollars off of it, I'd sue you to get the money--if you didn't even create the lies interesting enough to make something off of them…I'd have to rip off your fingernails, gnaw out your eyeballs, chop off your toes and poke them through the empty eye sockets, and stick boiling hot asparagus up your nose.

If the popular Magazine is worthy, then I would expect an interview, free subscription, and my picture on the cover of their Magazine holding your lopped off head dripping with spaghettish strings of blood.

~We'd like to thank Brutal Dreamer for taking the time to talk bloody to us. Read some of her writing right here!


John Edward Lawson

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