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Brutal Daughter's Talent

Tootsie pop and Strawberry Twizzler talent abounds in this honey of an artist... People hang on to your hats, sit back, and enjoy SHE is coming at rapid speed to take over the world (anime world that is).

She is a super person and a very unusual artist. Enjoy her work and remember this little gal is only 12-years-old and "Brutal Dreamer's" very own daughter --- Elizabeth Marie a.k.a. LIZZY!

Yes, "The Brutal One" has a daughter with such delightful talents and ooooh look at the sultry pictures and sit in aww how this pre-teen sees beauty.

"Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!" Or in the end of an artists pencil and in their vision.

Way to go Lizzy! Keep those pictures coming and get those fingers to work with more drawings.

These pictures only begin to skim the surface of this gals work. We have files and files and portfolios of her work. One day all will say, "We knew her when..." including her Momma and Daddy!

~Brutal Dreamer~

P.S. A personal thanks to her greatest mentor and friend ... Mythspinner, THANK YOU for all your encouragement, help, and support...but mostly your friendship.





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