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"Bobby's Poem"

Better than any guy around, he can always make my day,
On just one look he shoots at me in his own special way,
Butter melted into the cracks of the emerald isle,
Barely describes his eyes that melts evil down to bile,
Youthful yet older than a normal man I know,

Buffer than Superman only goes to show,
Really how special that he really is it’s really quite bizarre,
Untimely gestures that he makes seems to meld into life just fine,
Makes me wonder if this is a dream that he is mine,
Melded features on his face make me go weak in the knees,
Effects inside bring up a tide of happiness help me please,
To get lost in his love would not be such a hard task,
Therefore all I need is in your rays of love to bask.


You touch my hand to let me know you’re there,
You run you’re hands seductively through my hair,
You draw me near for a mind blowing kiss,
You look at me and fill my being w/ bliss,
You caress my skin and fill my soul w/ fire,
You fill my life w/ unexplainable desire,
Your fangs catch the light and I wonder what its like,
To travel the world in an everlasting hike,
Your voice flows like silk over the gentle wind,
Our lives meld together as our auras blend,
You melt away into the darkest night,
My heart grows wings as it takes flight,
Your mouth meets mine and I lick my lips,
As you rest your strong hands on my hips,
Mouth to mouth, hand in hand,
You look just perfect sitting in the sand,
Your sculpted features, smooth and strong,
I somehow know nothing can go wrong,
The wind blows cold and I shiver and shake,
Then my hands in yours, you will take,
Warmth flows up from my finger tips,
As I once again, stare at your lush lips,
I sigh and let your atmosphere wash over me,
Curl up against you and stare out at the lonely sea,
Waves lick the sand by my feet,
I expect chill but I only feel heat,
My heart beats faster w/ every thought,
I remember for everything I once fought,
It seems pointless now that I have found you,
I have seen something totally bright and new,
I sit there w/ you in the dieing light,
The graying sky soon turns to night,
I feel protected and I feel safe,
You keep me from feeling weak and waif,
I sigh as I daydream about us,
I know deep down its love not lust,
My head rests up against your strong broad chest,
When I’m with you I forget the rest,
I think of things new and old,
As I sit there and shiver in the cold,
You draw me near for a strong embrace,
I stare transfixed, at your gorgeous face,
You look down deep, pull me into your eyes,
Everything flies from my mind from fears to lies,
Your breath blows warmly against my neck,
You pull me away from my life as a wreck,
Your mouth shaped perfectly nears my cheek,
As all my fantasies reach their peak,
My eyelids flutter shut as you draw me near,
And you chase away every last fear,
I think for a moment that you might bite,
And make me a creature of the night,
Then I think, what’s wrong with that?
Our loves will blend together perfectly in a mixing vat,
I sit there waiting for your teeth to sink in,
To my soft and tender skin,
But all I feel are your luscious lips,
Touch my neck, as my skin rips,
My soul takes wings and it soars,
My heart skips a beat and it roars,
I pull back and look at you,
Thinking how my body just flew,
Now I can say I’ve been to heaven and hell and the moon and back,
And all I know is they all lack,
The one thing that makes my whole,
My wisdom, my strength, my leaning pole,
My life, my reason, my death, my heart,
The thing that would destroy me if we were to part,
This thing to you may seem a bit vague,
This thing to me is my ever loving Draig.


There was a child, who knew no love,
She despised all good from above,
She lived in the shadows, the dark, the night,
She wretched on everything sweet and bright,
She wallowed in misery, hate, and pain,
Let her life go down the drain,
She sat back and watched people have fun,
She just lay there sure her life was already done,
Never had a chance at happiness or even something right,
An inkling of joy was kept away from her day and night,
She was lost in her own way, no where no place to go,
Just her own world where she would forever lay low,
Enveloped in loneliness, wrapped in guilt,
Enclosed in a pain threaded quilt,
Caught in a tunnel of darkness, no way out,
She would kick and scream and thrash about,
Then one day in the distance, she saw a pinprick of light,
Silver wound and painstakingly bright,
She reached for it, fought to hold it in her hands,
Wrap her in the protective bands,
She would brush it with her fingertips and watch it dance away,
To get to it she would dig at rocks steel and clay,
Then one day exhausted and dire,
She woke up to see a great fire,
Beside sat a creature, a beautiful beast,
Who wasn’t harmful in the least,
He offered her food of new time,
And a drink to wash away the grime,
Once renewed and fully rejuvenated,
She saw he was clad in armor that was silver plated,
“You’re the light that brought me out of my stupor,
You’re the brightness that made me open a new door!
Don’t deny it I saw you! For what I say is true,
I lived in hate and pain and bound in a fearful glue,”
The dragon turned around and spoke with a gentle voice,
“I just appeared to you but to leave that place was your own choice,”

She shook her head and put on a stern look face,
“Nothing on this planet could keep me away from that place,
You must be something spectacular to have freed a monster like me,

I’ve been enclosed in that hell for eternity,”
The dragon turned a rested a hand upon her shoulder,
“My lady you see, that place was yours to smolder,
I could not do that for you, nor could anyone else alive,
I just showed to show you for what you needed to strive,
I can’t force you to do anything, for I’m what keeps that to hold true,

For, pray, the only person to let you free was a child known as you,

But to call you as a child would no longer be correct,
For you are now a brave maiden to stand tall and erect,
Your body has changed now that you are unbound,
Your facial features have altered to something dazzling all around,
You no longer can stay hidden in your horrid place,
You must emerge with unknown grace.”
The new maiden blushed at the dragon’s words,
But at the same time felt her worries fly away on the back of golden birds,

She felt renewed and bright and ready to take on the world,
All the negative energy she felt out the window she hurled,
She climbed upon the dragon’s back and said into his ear,
“Show me all you have seen cometh far and near,”
So the dragon flew away with her into the fading sun,
Knowing that even now they would soon be one,
He landed on top of a high pointed peak,

As she looked upon his face w/ her eyes she did seek,
Any trace of his feelings that were worn upon his sleeve,
She caught a glimpse of what came next and barely dared to breathe,

The figure before her was a dragon no more,
Standing there was a man more enchanting than Thor,
The man turned and spoke slow not to confuse the maiden there,
“Now you see the true shapes that my body must share,”
The maiden felt a smile play upon her lips,
She placed her hands teasingly upon her skirt-covered hips,
She stood there awhile just taking it all in,
Before she let the next thought to form once again,
She took some steps toward him, agonizingly slow,
Putting on a very obvious yet very tempting show,
She stepped up and placed her arms around his neck and looked up at his face,

Shiver as he wrapped her in a warm embrace,
The next three words that she said were awfully bright and new,
The next three words that she said were “I love you,”
The man looked down shocked yet not surprised,
For now he truly knew the feelings that she had arised,
He nodded and smiled and said “Now we’re both truly free,
Now we will spend with each other eternity.”

"The Change"

The form sits weeping into her hands, not entirely aware,
Of all the secrets wanting to be discovered, just simply waiting there,
Blue-black hair flows spilling down her back,
Howls sound betraying the location of the nearby awaiting pack,
The moon reaches its peak and her humanness flies,
Her joy through betrayal is shown vividly through her silver eyes,
Fur creeps from her face, her arms, her legs, her toes,
A snout is now lengthened where was her nose,
Bones crunch as hands turn to paws,
Fore arms lengthen and out come claws,
A tail is exposed, a back is arched,
The pads on her feet are now dry and parched,
A long hidden growl creeps in her throat,
The moon reflects, glimmering off her glistening coat,
Loss of control, forth comes the howl,
Followed by that wild growl,
Throw your head back, claim the night,
Eyes gleam silver, round and bright,
All four paws hit the ground,
Bright, silver eyes flash wide and round,
Dash out of the clearing into the protection of the trees,
Halfway there, pain gropes your back, brings you to your knees,
Canine features replace the old,
All these characteristics are now in the mold,
Then comes the everlasting need,
The want, the longing, the hunger to feed,
You rear your wolf-like head toward the sky,
And release your demonic battle cry,
Your howl shoots toward the moon,
Paws pound as you race down the sandy dune,
Run into the city, get fresh meat,
Rip it apart w/ claws and teeth,
Blood stains your mouth, slimes over your lips,
Growl horridly as it grotesquely drips,
Grab the rest of the uneaten ham,
From the revolting slaughtered lamb,
Run, meet the pack, expand your kind,
And your demonic thinking mind,
Mate with a wolf that’s broad and strong,
And plans to keep his family living long,
Without giving a second glance,
You know after the fight for the lead, comes the bitches dance,
Growl, snarl, rip and fight,
Slash, slaughter, tear and bite,
Wrestle to be the lead female dog,
Lay the others displayed on a log,
Show of your victorious win,
With a dance and a wolfy grin,
Pant, drool, whoop, and howl,
Bark, bay, wail, and growl.
You’re the lead female; the lead man belongs to you,
You’re in for something grandly new,
All this comes within a fort night,
All this come from a dog fight,
Now prowl around on a widened range,
And celebrate the amazing werewolf change.


I’m lost in my own mind, I don’t know who I am

Silence rips through my brain, leaving me feeling like a slaughtered lamb,

How can I “be myself” when my whole life is a lie?
I can’t think of a good reason why I shouldn’t just die,
I’m no good to this world if I lead a worthless life,
It’s like cutting your wrists w/ a rubber knife,
In a sense I’ve already died, more than one to many times,
Now I can hear as the death clock rings its twelve chimes,

Wandering around in a thickened hazy mist,
I’m beaten down by a cast iron fist,
What’s the meaning of life anymore?
What’s the point of walking through heaven’s door?
I belong in the dark, in the shadows of death,
The last man standing is gasping for breath,
I’m all alone, with an unguided stagger,
My fingers wrapped around my hellacious dagger,
Evil lurks closer, conquering my brain,
All that’s left is astronomical pain,
My features contorted, in a look of despair,
It’s coming now, more than I can bear,
My last living breath snuffs out the light,
I’m lost in the darkness, the demon’s night,

I morph into a new species, an unknown kind,
A hunger for murder, a criminal mind,
My canines lengthen, sharpen, pierce my lip,
I feel my facial features rip,
My eyes catch fire, gleam demonically bright,
Silver-blue knife slices through the darkest night,
I long for the thick, metallic taste of blood,
Body hits the ground with a satisfying thud,
Hiding in the shadows, feeding on death,
I’m a cat in the cradle, stealing the baby’s breath,
Shy away from garlic, God, and sun,
Wait for nightfall, then I have fun,
I rattle your windows; I haunt your dreams,
I take joy in hearing a little girl’s screams,
A pop, a snap I hear the skin burst,
I dive in and do my worst,
Blood seeps warmly down my throat,
Leaving behind a thick tasty coat,
Lick my chops and swallow the rest,
That had to have been my best,

The clock chimes six I’d better run,
Before I’m caught in the blazing sun,
My feet whisper gently over the leaves,
I run through the forest, under the shadow of the trees,
I count the seconds as the moon goes down,
I can’t find my lair; it’s nowhere to be found,
My eyes see something glisten bright,
As the sun comes to devour the night, I trip over a handle to a trapdoor,

I holler and whoop, let out a victory roar,
I made it back just in time,
As the Life clock rings its horrid chime,
I collapse on the bed, wait for the night,
When I can once again roam and brawl and bite.

©2002 Liz Phillips


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