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ã2002 Reviewed by Peggy J. Shumate a.k.a. Brutal Dreamer

Throughout history there has been numerous versions of these magnificent devices used for countless reasons. Bill Wilson tells us about the history and how to build a catapult in our own backyards. He also gives us in depth uses for these functional tools.

From Medieval to Modern times, catapults were used as powerful throwing arms for wars by hurling objects at their opponents with great force. What is a catapult? It is a well-built mechanism that hurls spears and stones and many other objects. Showing some of the author’s wittiness, you are even given some fun reasons for use of the catapult. For instance, blast bombing his old Toyota with overripe produce such as pumpkins and watermelons.

Bill and his brother established plans on what they wanted to accomplish. In deciding upon a light but mobile device, but to still be able to shoot a variety of objects from their catapult, they set out their plans accurately and what material they would need. These important items are listed in the book down to the science with phenomenal illustrations, both drawings and actual pictures, and then pictures of the finished product.

This book is not only educational but filled with some of the best skill and talent all sprinkled with enough flavoring of clever and humor to keep your interest. The history and the various uses of the catapult is without a doubt by far some of the satisfying information one will find. Bill’s vernacular is understandable and enthralling and keeps your attention to the last page.

I highly recommend ones to get “How to Build a Catapult In Your Backyard” for several reasons. One reason being, the narration in the book is both very entertaining and informative. Other reasons are: if you need to heave something or you are working on a project that requires a catapult, this is one book you can understand and it reads well the diagrams are precise and the illustrations legible. Bill Wilson did an outstanding job putting this book together along with showing us his catapult in his own backyard!

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