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The extremely prolific author and renowned for his Dack Shannon saga - has brought his constant fans a special treat filled with blood and guts. His dark and primal passion explodes in thirteen vicious tales of DEPTHS OF SAVAGERY. Likened to the timeless author Robert E. Howard's barbarism, Steven L. Shrewsbury is the reincarnated Howard.

The world mourned the loss of the dauntless fantasy author at such a tender age of thirty. Although, Howard left his fans a vast number of his tales as a legacy to his ageless memory; we are given a second chance with Steven L. Shrewsbury continuing where Howard left off. It is refreshing and an honor to have Howard resurrected once again through Shrewsbury's, DEPTHS OF SAVAGERY. Enjoy these thirteen tales of brutal-fueled barbarism.

Heroism relentlessly wields through these thirteen high-fantasy tales like a sharp two-edged sword; savage rape, murder, and pillaging that created more sacrilege than the legends told of the Celts wreaking havoc upon Rome abound through the depths of this barbaric assemblage.

Shrewsbury's tales of historical testimonials intertwined into fictitious fables are his forte and he pulls no bones about it. Renowned archeologist, Elijah Blackthorn deciphers the vellum scroll in: "Shalt Thou Reign Forever" when the document, "State of Abbot Galen Roget of the Monastery of St. Jude" is translated, it is believed Elijah has embellished the accounts.

You will be reeling as you picture the vivid scenes the imagination of this author takes you throughout this brutal account that Elijah Blackthorn deciphers for you. Your quest only deepens as Shrewsbury describes the depravity of barbaric ideals at all costs through a young man Toloric, "Creating a Barbarian Man"

Fierce fighting courses through the pages of this barbaric-fueled collection. Shrewsbury included one of my all-time favorite tales in this anthology: "Rawboned Woman" filled with fury and woe; an emotional encounter and a shockingly sad demise.

Journey on through the bloody meadows of Shrewsbury's imagination in the DEPTHS OF SAVAGERY and take his hand as he leads you through each barbaric encounter with intriguing characters, fast moving plots, thick narrative and a voice that whispers in the same tone that is reminiscent of yesterday's Robert E. Howard.

I highly recommend this enthralling book! Shrewsbury does not disappoint his fans and readers and this collection is some of his best work and told in a powerfully masculine voice. Enjoy it, I did.


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