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Femmes de la Brume
Edited by Nicole Thomas
CoverArt by Deron Douglas
Genre: Dark Fantasy
DDP Price: $4.99 USD
eBook 174 Pages (April 2003)
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing
ISBN: 1-55404-045-0
©2003 Reviewer, Brutal Dreamer

Outstanding author in his field of expertise - HORROR, L.J. Blount knew women author's are not acknowledged and acclaimed as highly in the horror genre as the men authors that is why he is the master creator of FEMMES de la BRUME. It's time to change that oblique opinion and show what horrors women can set to diverse prose. The unimaginable to the imaginable in this menagerie of writers will entice you and toss you into gut-retching disbelief of what truly goes on in the mind of woman.

Within the mists of this collective works, Double Dragon Publishing has unleashed the most bizarre group of female authors crammed between the pages of dreams, revenge, and fears never before published in one assemblage of horrors; unfolding in the sinister collection found in the Femmes de la Brume Anthology. The amassed works offer gruesome dreams of the dead from eighteen women secreting from the grey, bleak, mist. Each woman will tell her story from the deadening mist that evilly surrounds the reader and suffocates the life from them until the final page has been read.
The varied tales consist of: The Gingerbread Man, The Fear, Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, Of Gorgons, Centaurs, and Atlantis, Her Mother's Hands, Hel's Captain, To Purge the Poisons from Your Blood, And I Wait, Long Live the Queen, Aneleone, Just a Little Company, Moph Wain, Honor of Thieves, Prevention, Curly-Q, The Price of a Dragon's Head, Tiny Women in Little Fur Coats, and Perspective -

Delicious death and revenge by Gingerbread, spousal abuse and succumbing to the fear, a mysterious bloodletting of an eight-year old child, a haunted dorm room, and the sensual tale of waking up to a deadly love affair when the other woman must constantly wait. Oh, my! The horrors these ladies tell and this is just the start of all the madness and mayhem.

Each tale in this collection stands the test of the horror genre and rises above the cliché horrors and plots. These ladies mean business - I mean disgusting, fearful, diabolical, and even the most sinister business a teller of stories can come up with. These women give new kinks in the writing wires that will have even the most cynical connoisseur begging for mercy. I loved this Anthology and HIGHLY encourage you to read this book! The gloomy atmosphere of the cover of the book describes a portion of the darkness in these women's mind and hearts, you've been warned.


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