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The Road to Darkness
Shawn P. Madision
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing
e-Book: 213 pages (April 2003)
ISBN: 1554040469

©2003 (P.J.) Brutal Dreamer, Reviewer

The Road to Darkness
by Shawn P. Madision

This horrific assemblage of Shawn P. Madison's heart-thumping tales will lead you down the darkened road of his psyche. Shawn is one of my most favorite authors and he has not disappointed me in this collected works of his superlative stories. His softened whispers will send terrified chills down your spine as he reveals a Father's Guilty Pleasure, when the train rolls around to a familiar face that haunts him and the bloodcurdling fear of being inside Corbett's Cage as the eerie darkness closes in around him after having his comrades savagely killed and his ship sunk into the cold waters.

Or you can journey another route and vacation to a place known as: so many ways to die. There you will enjoy a boat ride for a group sailing to a dark continent, until you are awakened to one of the most terrorizing African landscapes that will leave your heart pounding and your eyes reddened. Upon their arrival, it was feeding time in the most brutal and vile frenzied of ceremonies, and by Vacations End you will pray you never go down that passage again.

Shawn P. Madison is certainly a novelist that knows how to reach into his fans and replace their dreams with grave nightmares! This road will lead you down a menagerie of terrors, but which way will you go? Shawn directs you to 19 different outcomes on the other side, the outer realms of reality, places beyond your wildest imagination. Your destination: THE ROAD TO DARKNESS… Don't panic, follow the lingering dreadful feeling through these bizarre nineteen paths of terror with caution. I highly recommend this book!


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