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Authors Den/Popper Gazette
SDO Fantasy E-ZINE
Sintrigue Dot Org:
©2003 Brutal Dreamer

Highly Recommended

The staff at SDO Fantasy consists of a three hardworking, story loving, talented crew:

Dave Bowlin: Tech and Web Design
Mark Anthony Brennan: Editor
Megan Powell: Book Reviewer

Sintrigue Dot Org was produced due by in large to Dave Bowlin's sheer love of stories and his incredible ability to tell stories along with his talents as a web designer. His staff joins him on his journey of publishing picture perfect works of fantasy.

Megan Powell is a reviewer without rival - she writes crisp, unique, and interesting book reviews. The fantasy books she chooses to review are always distinctive. Megan's reviews are never stale, overcooked, or raw... she keeps her reviews fresh, interesting, and lively. She reviews books that have not been overdone and rehashed; the books she selects gives readers a chance to learn about a book that perhaps they may never of heard of or tried before. Megan's own works of fiction has been published in both venues: print and electronically, and she is the web-hostess for two Ezines of her own.

The illustrious editor, Mark Anthony Brennan has been multi-published in print and electronically and is recognized amongst his peers as an author that needs no introduction.

Dave Bowlin is multi-talented in his capabilities: Web Designer, Author, Editor, Programmer, etc... He has vision and you can see that vision through his meticulous construction of Sintrigue Dot Org.

E-Zine's has become the way of the future to authors young and old; it has opened doors to new comers to the field and veteran writer's alike, expanding fiction to degrees that no one could of foreseen. Authors names have recognition and status where as before it took a stroke of good luck to get out of the slush pile and be acknowledged no matter how good of an author you were. Authors are published faster both in print and electronically as technology has advanced. It is due to incredible and scrupulous E-zines like SDO Fantasy that has made this possible for authors to tell their stories and readers to indulge themselves in fanciful tales.

SDO's staff is readily available, their response time is acceptable (two weeks), the critiques and suggestions to stories are invaluable.

Dave has provided many bells and whistles to SDO Fantasy throughout its birth. He has given out incredible software to assistant writers better: Word Power Professional (WPP): Dave's editor software for writers, Chat program for authors to use, and many other software programs he has ingeniously created and bestowed on his fans, readers, and authors at SDO Fantasy.

SDO Fantasy offers payment for excellent stories (they are very picky in what they publish) so, it is an honor to be published there. They publish THEMED issues only: Six stories per issue and publish quarterly.

The January 2003 theme is: Frozen Places.
The April 2003 theme is: Rainy Season.
The July 2003 theme is: Dreamscapes.
The October 2003 theme is: (to be announced)

This dedicated staff at SDO Fantasy are talented and experienced, and know what they like and what their readers will enjoy.

The design and layout of SDO is simple, but classy. It's easy to navigate and links work splendidly.

We are taken on a mystical journey throughout the stories then on a magical carpet ride to SDO's Forum where not only are you able to discuss what you read at SDO and meet new authors - SDO also offers writing hints and helpful suggestions - and has started a new group called 10 Fantasy Fiction. This group was announced, and, at the moment, is composed of six authors who collaborate on 10 flash fiction fantasy tales surrounding a theme, characters, plot, and each author creates their own main character to be intertwined into one another's story... almost a RPG type of game for writers. (It's a first come-first served sign up group.)

I am sure many writers are looking for an E-Zine to publish thier work - SDO FANTASY is an E-ZINE that I highly recommend.


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