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REVIEW: by Brutal Dreamer of The Sex Gates, by Darrell Bain and Jeanine Berry

I have heard of an old European myth that many believed and lived by, this legend was accepted as factual. If you were a man and walked under the arch of the rainbow you would be turned into a woman, and if you were a woman that entered beneath the rainbow and stepped to the other side; you would be turned into a man. I guess this could be true according to Darrell Bain author of Sex Gates co-written with Jeanine Berry.

In this story, that is basically that is what happens. There are gates that appear throughout our planet where ones enter though and vanish and come out the other side the opposite sex. These gates are also used for other means as well. But at what cost? Can the changes be reversed?

What a beautiful concept. I must hand it to these talented authors of such a unique scientific out of this world concept. As extraordinary events unfold, you are left wondering how such a life altering change affects the rest of your life. What happens when you try to reenter the gates? In this clever story the dilemma is answered. For a life changing experience; read Sex Gates and enjoy the incredible life transforming occurrence.




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