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REVIEW: by Brutal Dreamer of Hertzan Chimera's SZMONHFU

Before you can appreciate his novel SZMONHFU you have to identify with the author, Hertzan Chimera. Therefore, I am going probe inside Hertzan Chimera’s psyche and enlighten you in an exclusive review of both the author and the book SZMONHFU. “Hold on to your hats!”

It is essential you are prepared to read SZMONHFU and comprehend the diverse style and tone it is written in. Not just anyone can pull this caliber of writing off and conjure up a series impeccable sex and carnage because they fear the mediocre views of “what is acceptable, tolerated, and appreciated” from “politically correct” markets, readers, and editors. No bars held, Mr. Chimera lets it all hang out. (So to speak)

Hertzan’s Chimera’s extraordinary artwork, also is not for the weak tummy, weak mind, or the squeamish. His outrageous work of genius is only for the open minded and the unhindered. You will use your mind when you look into the coverart of SZMONHFU. That alone, will give you the frame of mind of Mr. Chimera and would even spawn a humbling reaction of out Picasso. Hertzan Chimera’s perception is exposed in his story SZMONHFU.

From his 1990 release of “Red Hedz” ~SZMONFHU~ continued with his main character, Jane Louxis. Jane is a lip-smacking, mouth-watering character that has very loose morals but isn’t always what you think she is. And her sexual liaisons are usually met with a gruesome outcome. The story is filled with brutal deaths teeming with blood and gore. Although, Chimera spends a lot of time in describing events in excessive detail you do not lose the mental picture of what is taking place in the scene. One factor I am convinced of, while you read about Jane and where she came from and what she is about; you ie the reader will be in awe at the intelligence Chimera struts, in his sequence of events that leads to each deadly encounter revolving around voluptuous Jane Louxis.

EraserHead Press pubbed SZMONHFU and I take my hat off to them. They know when a writer is endowed with an outstanding ability to write a well crafted story and tell it in any flavor he so chooses. Without having to sugar-coat the visuals so it is easier for the fainthearted to swallow. EraserHead Press acknowledges that storytelling belongs to the person responsible for creating the words that entertains and excites its readers, the author. In this case, Hertzan Chimera.

You will not be sorry you read this work from such a artistic novelist. The only thing you will be regretting, is you hadn’t read it sooner. Get SZMONHFU and dig those teeth into the meat of this delicious treat and enjoy the vein it is written in.

©~Brutal Dreamer DVDEmpire/Double Dragon Publishing



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