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REVIEW: Whispers in the Night

A celebrated War Veteran, Robert L. Hecker began writing on a wide assortment of topics after the war. From writing documentaries on the military, nuclear physics, and numerous other subjects; Robert L. Hecker wrote on a subject matter that most of us only dare to touch, psychology.

An instructor of UCLA's Psychology II University Extension Course teaches his students in the most unconventional way. In "Whispers in the Night" Dr. Daniel Bradon takes a introverted student, Sandi Boeckel and delves into her mind. There is a belief that all are reincarnated and when people under hypnosis they are able to "regress" back to a previous life. Spontaneous regression.

Sandi hears whispers; those insistent voices and they must be stopped or she will go mad. If they exorcise the voices, will it destroy them forever or will the madness engulf Sandi, forever? Read the mind-boggling tale, "Whispers in the Night" for the confrontation between Sandi and the keepers of her whispering voices and see if it opens a "Pandora's Box" if so, will the demons be controlled?


Whispers in the Night

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